Economic Consulting and Expert Testimony for the Electric Power, Natural Gas, and other Energy and Network Industries

Regulatory Policy and Market Design

  • Regional Transmission Organizations’ market designs
  • Issues arising from the transition to cleaner sources of energy
  • Regulatory policies for competitive markets
  • Harmonizing markets and environmental policies
  • Energy, ancillary services and capacity markets
  • Regulatory policies for natural gas pipelines and storage
  • Auctions and procurement mechanisms
  • Market power evaluation and mitigation mechanisms

Forecasting, Planning and Resource Adequacy

  • Electricity demand and peak load forecasting; electrification
  • Forecasting new types of loads, such as data centers
  • Electric generation capacity reserve requirements
  • Probabilistic modeling of resource adequacy
  • Local transmission constraints and resource adequacy
  • Capacity market design
  • Fuel and power contracting strategy and analysis
  • Evaluation of models and forecasts

Market Prices, Performance and Structure

  • Analysis of market prices and price patterns
  • Market structure and potential for market power
  • Evaluating allegations of market manipulation
  • Design of market power mitigation measures
  • Forecasting resource needs, evaluating proposed projects
  • Need for and benefits of storage or transmission capacity
  • Policy analysis and evaluation of market models

Tariffs and Rate Structures

  • Cost allocation and rate design
  • Incentive mechanisms
  • Pipeline and electric transmission rate structures
  • Natural gas distribution system expansion policies

Transactions and Contract Litigation

  • Contract evaluation and negotiation
  • Contract litigation
  • Damages assessment
  • Evaluation of mergers and acquisitions

International Energy Policy and Markets

  • Energy sector reform, restructuring and development
  • International practices in energy industry regulation
  • Energy industry evaluation and forecasting

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