Wilson Energy Economics – Consulting and expert services for the electric power and natural gas industries

Around the world, a transition to cleaner sources of energy is underway.  The electric power and natural gas industries are characterized by a complex mix of regulation and competition, and are subject to constant change due to new technologies, shifting market forces, and changes in regulatory and market policies, among other pressures.   After more than a decade of flat or declining electricity demand in many regions, the transition to cleaner sources of energy will result in electrification of many end uses and rising demand, especially under winter conditions.  New, expanding end uses, such as data centers to support the internet and artificial intelligence, are also contributing to growing demand.  A further challenge is the shifting energy demand patterns resulting from climate change and rising temperatures.

James F. Wilson, Principalis an economist with forty years of experience consulting on the economic and policy issues arising from the interplay of competition and regulation in the electric power and natural gas industries.  Assignment have involved regulatory and market policies, issues arising from the increasing urgency of reducing carbon emissions, market analysis, demand forecasting, resource adequacy and capacity markets, contract litigation and damages, modeling and market evaluation, pipeline rate cases, and allegations of market manipulation, among many other issues.

Mr. Wilson has been involved in electricity restructuring and wholesale market design in the Mid-Atlantic region (PJM), New England, New York, Ontario, Mid-Continent, the Southeast, California and other regions.  He also spent five years in Russia in the 1990s advising on the reform, restructuring and development of the Russian electric power and natural gas industries.  He has submitted affidavits and testified in Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and state regulatory proceedings, and his papers have appeared in the Energy Journal, Electricity Journal, Public Utilities Fortnightly and other publications.  He holds the M.S. degree in Engineering-Economic Systems from Stanford University and the A.B. degree from Oberlin College.