Representative Work

Some representative recent testimony, articles, and presentations can be accessed here:

Testimony evaluating an electric utility’s peak load forecast and capacity requirements for an Integrated Resource Plan (Virginia; see CV for similar recent assignments on load forecasts and capacity requirements in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Nova Scotia and California): link

Paper critiquing an RTO’s analysis of the potential impact on resource adequacy of the transition to cleaner forms of energy (PJM; see CV for other recent assignments in PJM and New England on the transition to cleaner forms of energy and harmonizing environmental policies with wholesale markets): link

Testimony estimating the value of firm capacity on a proposed interstate pipeline and discussing policy issues raised by potential subsidies for the pipeline (Michigan P.S.C.; see CV for similar recent assignments in North Carolina and Michigan): link

Affidavit on the principles for designing an electricity shortage pricing mechanism (operating reserve demand curve) and commenting on a specific proposal (PJM; see CV for other assignments on wholesale electricity market design issues): link

Memo evaluating proposals to accommodate resources receiving state support to advance environmental objectives in a wholesale electric capacity construct (New England; see CV for other recent assignments on wholesale markets and capacity constructs): link

Paper discussing the causes of chronic over-forecasting and over-procurement of generating capacity (PJM; see CV for other work on load forecasting, reserve requirements, and capacity procurement mechanisms): link

Testimony evaluating the cost to consumers of proposed subsidies for coal and nuclear plants and discussing policy issues (Ohio P.U.C.; see CV for other recent assignments in Ohio): link

Testimony regarding wholesale electric market policies to accommodate seasonal renewable and demand response resources (FERC proceeding; see CV for various other recent assignments on demand response, and renewable resources): link

Testimony on state regulatory policies for encouraging natural gas distribution line extensions (Maryland P.S.C.; see CV for similar recent assignments on natural gas line extension policies in West Virginia and Delaware): link

Published article discussing how resources should be expected to price their offers into forward capacity markets and the resulting auction price outcomes (Forward Capacity Market CONEFusion, Electricity Journal; see CV for other published articles): link

Comments on Reliability Standard BAL-502-RFC-02 and the “One Day in Ten Years” resource adequacy criterion (FERC; see CV for other testimony and published articles on resource adequacy criteria and related topics): link

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