Recent Work

Some recent articles, affidavits and presentations can be downloaded here:

Resource Adequacy, Planning Reserve Margins, and the “One Day in Ten Years” resource adequacy criterion:

Reconsidering Resource Adequacy Part 1: Has the one-day-in-ten-years criterion outlived its usefulness? Public Utilities Fortnightly, April 2010. Evaluates the widely-used resource adequacy criterion, finding that it is overly conservative.

Reconsidering Resource Adequacy Part 2: Capacity planning for the smart grid, Public Utilities Fortnightly, May 2010. Suggests how resource adequacy planning should be adapted as peak loads become more price-responsive.

Comments on Reliability Standard BAL-502-RFC-02 in FERC docket no. RM10-10 (December 2010). Comments on the “one day in ten years” criterion and approaches to calculating planning reserve margins.

Wilson Comments on Astrape EISPC Whitepaper, The Economic Consequences of Resource Adequacy, March 2013.

RTO Forward Capacity Markets:

Forward Capacity Market CONEfusion (article published in Electricity Journal, November 2010). Describes why forward capacity markets have not performed as expected and proposes changes to better align expectations and performance.

Fundamental Capacity Market Design Choices: How Far Forward? How Locational? EUCI Capacity Markets Conference, October, 2012.

Comments at FERC technical conference on capacity markets, September 2013 (AD13-7).

Use of Energy Market Models to Evaluate Public Policy Issues:

Comments on the NARUC-Initiated Report: Analysis of the Social, Economic and Environmental Effects of Maintaining Oil and Gas Exploration Moratoria On and Beneath Federal Lands (June 2010). Critique of the modeling, finding that it overstated the potential impact of relaxing the moratoria.

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